Dušo gelis POLICALM sausai, sudirgusiai ir niežtinčiai odai

€ 18.00

Visiems užsakymams kurių vertė nesiekia € 10 taikomas € 2.99 administravimo mokestis. Pridėk prekių ir nemokėk mokesčio.

Urea, Bisabolol, Olea Europea fruit extract, Chamomille extract, Aloe, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit E), Panthenol, Alantoin, Betaine, kitos pagalbinės medžiagos.


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BODERM company established in 2001 focusing in Dermatological Medicines, Medical Devices, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics.

Today, it markets Dermatological Medicines, as well as Medical Devices, Food Supplements and Cosmetic-Cosmeceutical products. In recent years, the company invested in the development and establishement of a modern facility Boderm laboratories to highlight its potential and quality within our global Healthcare Industry.

In cooperation, with Boderm Laboratories (as goup member of Boderm S.A.) the company provides Development and Production of Medical Devices, Cosmetic and Food Supplement products in a fully certified environment according to International standards of cGMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices ) and ISO.

In collaboration, with a broad international network of branded material suppliers Boderm accomplishes standard reliable quality of its finished products.

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